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Making replacement keys

After the many years of saving people from home lockout we have learned how frustrating it is for anyone to lose their keys or lock the key inside their house. If you ever experience a lockout, our team of locksmiths can get your house door lock opened for you 24 hours a day.

If the reason for the home lockout is that you lost the house keys (or they ended up in the wrong hands for any reason) our locksmith can do both rekey your door locks so that the old keys stop working immediately. And then he can make you a set of replacement keys. That way you can be absolutely sure that the old keys will never again.

There is a way to avoid needing one of our locksmiths to help you back in your home when you're dealing with a lockout. It's the good old fashion "prepare beforehand" concept. By having one of our locksmiths create you a new key copy now (before the lockout) and either keeping it with you at all times or having a friend save your duplicate key for you. That way you can save yourself from the lockout using the duplicate key when it happens without calling us to send you one of our locksmiths.

And Locksmith Catonsville MD has the latest technology in key maker machines to ensure that every single key copy our keys maker does is 100% accurate and durable. To ensure that any and all key copy sets we make you will last you a very long time.

On top of all that here at Locksmith Catonsville MD we keep our prices affordable as we know from having seen it happen over the years that locksmith services emergencies almost never come at a time we're prepared but the locksmith service is needed. So you can't say, - "no I think I'll just leave my home locked and just buy a new home instead". So we make sure to keep our prices affordable to ensure you have at least 1 thing to smile about after needing locksmith services.

So for whichever of the two options it is (if you're in the middle of a lockout right now or if you're looking to avoid lockouts in the future by having a duplicate key copy made), call us right now here at Locksmith Catonsville MD.

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