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Rekey a door lock

People will need 2 things when they lose their business, house or car keys or even worse if the keys end up in the hands of a robber, etc. The first one is a lockout rescue locksmith services team available right then and there to get you access. That way they can free you from the lockout stress fast. And secondly you will need to have your door lock rekeyed which gets you new keys and stops the old key from working.

Having the door lock rekey locksmith service done is a very important step of the process after losing your keys that most people don't do. Sometimes they don't want to pay for it, don't even know they have the option, etc. So if you ever lose your keys and end up in a lockout, do yourself 2 favors. 

  1. Call us here at Locksmiths Catonsville MD right away to 410-635-9056 so we can send out one of our 24 hour locksmith services experts to your location. And once the 24 hour locksmith arrives they can open the door lock the lost key goes to for you.
  2. Have all door locks that opened with the lost key rekeyed. As the few extra bucks you spend during the 24 hour locksmith services help is far less than the value of the safety of you and your family.

You can save even more money by getting a key copy made of your keys and use those as a backup to rescue yourself from the lockout part. As when you have a key copy made and store it with a trusted friend or in a safe place will allow you to fix the lockout by opening the door lock using your backup keys.

There is also the saved time too, as even tho our locksmiths are good & fast, but they are not miracle workers so they can't tele transport to you in seconds. So by having a key copy made you will be saving time on top of the money you already saved. As you won't have to wait for our 24 hour locksmith services experts to arrive at your location.

So if you like saving time, or money, or both, just call Locksmith Catonsville MD now so they can help you by either saving you from a lockout. Or helping you avoid a lockout by making you a backup key copy as you appreciate saving time & money.

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